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A licensed RPAS Service Provider with value added services in the telecommunications, broadcast and mining industry.

Comprehensive & value-added services to choose from

LS Multi Copter Projects and Services (LSMC) prides itself in its specialist offerings. Offerings include a wide range of drone applications using its diverse fleet of drones, appropriately equipped for services ranging from high level engineering applications to basic photography. Where LS supports its spatial RF measuring services with airborne site inspections / morphology modelling, a powerful information pool is also established for regulatory, planning, and operational purposes in the telecommunications industry.

Additional value added services include consultancy and engineering services for critical communications. With an in-house anechoic chamber and training academy, LS is the leader for radio engineering, telecommunication and spectrum management training courses.

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RPAS Services


Consultancy Services

The RPAS division of LSMC provides the following range in services:

• Radio Frequency Antenna Pattern measurements

• Mobile and Broadcast RF site audits

• Drone based Solutions for RF Surveillance and RF Direction Finding

• Antenna Beam Calibration and measurement using Drone Technology and Anechoic Chamber Measurements (various frequency bands)

• Radiation Safety Measurements and Predictions

• RF Interference Hunting

• Airborne Mapping and Surveying

• Airborne Inspections

• Power-line surveys

• Thermal imaging

• Full scale 3D modelling

• Photography and Video footage

Other Services offered by LSMC:

• Consultancy Service

• Anechoic Chamber

• Training Academy


Anechoic Chamber

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Training Academy