Demonstration flights at LS telcom HQ


Each year LS telcom plays host to their annual summit in the small town of Lichtenau, bordering the Rhine River and famous Black Forrest. During this time they showcase mostly their own latest developments to regulators and operators from around the globe. During the 2013 LS telcom summit, LS of South Africa was also invited to demonstrate the measurement and flying capabilities of their unique airborne antenna radiation pattern measurement solution.

The demonstration

For the demonstration a small 12.5m mast was erected on an open field on the LS telcom grounds. A local amateur radio enthusiast built and sponsored a yagi antenna that was fitted to the mast. In a nearby tool shed a signal generator provided a small 6dBm continues wave signal at 434MHz to the antenna.

During the summit a large LCD television was connected to the PC running the measurement software. This provided the audience with a chance to view each step of the measurement which included the real-time measurement display. This display function draws the actual pattern as it is measured.

After a short burst of rain the LS of SA team took to the field and performed a number of measurements.


After a couple of horizontal flights were performed and overlaid the LS of SA team could confirm the antenna pattern. This pattern can be seen below:

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